Ananda invites you to experience the joy of your own true nature. Discover an expanded sense of harmony, love and peace in your life through ancient and effective techniques of Meditation, Kriya Yoga, spiritually oriented Hatha Yoga, Community and Friendship.Our offerings are based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, who showed how everyone can realize the Divine in their daily lives as a tangible, loving reality We have teaching Centers to serve you in Providence and Hopkinton RI. Visit us and discover that JOY IS WITHIN YOU


JOY TO YOU! in this New Year 2015!

May this be a year in which we play our roles really well!


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Life is a movie in serial form.  Each installment is engrossing, new, stirring, and delivered with fantastic complexity.  Great minds are stars in the movie production: they command universal attention from the audience.  We cannot all be stars, however.  Don’t mind if you are not a main player in life’s movie.  No motion picture ever consists of only one player, or one event.  Your role, even though it be short or seemingly insignificant, has its own importance.  Without you the “plot” would be incomplete.  In the eyes of the Director, an actor who plays his role well, whatever it be, is, in his own special way, a star, adding luster to the whole production.Paramhansa Yogananda

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kirtanFriday Evening Kirtan  in Providence  7:30 – 8:30pmfirst and third Fridays monthly.
We are happy to announce our new host for Friday Night Kirtan in Providence. ‘Now Yoga’ located at 286 Thayer Street. Providence, RI.

Friday Kirtans in Westerly - 6-7pm Second and fourth Fridays monthly, at the Community Ayurvedic Center at the border of Pawcatuck, CT and Westerly, RI.  Chanting has the power to uplift the soul and open the heart..




Healing PrayerHealing Prayer Circle – 2nd Sunday Monthly

Have you ever been in a situation in which you desperately wanted and needed Divine assistance, but didn’t feel you had enough energy to magnetize the Divine response? And so, you asked a friend to help and pray you?  That’s what our Ananda Healing Prayer List and Healing Prayer Circles are for…




Joy of Meditation WorkshopmeditationsupportSaturday February 14th

Meditation is one of the most natural and rewarding of all human activities.  It is a state in which the body is relaxed, the mind is focused, and the heart is open.  In the quietness of calm inner listening, it gives direct, intuitive experience of higher realities.  Meditation is a means of connecting to those realities within yourself.  In this workshop you will learn…





movie-theatersSaturday Movie Satsang - February 14th

Join us monthly for a Saturday Afternoon Movie Satsang.  We start with a half hour Meditation and then watch an uplifting movie together. These satsangs are at the Hopkinton Center which is located on a beautiful horse farm.  This month…





Big dark pink Lotus Flower photoExperiencing Raja Yoga – 3rd Saturday Monthly

Raja Yoga encompasses all the different types of Yoga, including meditation, devotional practices, dispassionate discrimination and wisdom, as well as the physical postures well-known in the West. Raja Yoga offers a scientific approach to the spiritual life, with techniques for stilling the mind and expanding our…





Sacred Art Workshop  – Saturday January 31 TheOffering-Mandala_pic

Art making may be used as both a way of exploring and of expressing the sacred within us. Humans have invoked and expressed the Divine Presence in art throughout the ages and in all spiritual traditions.. Join us for our first workshop in this new series of explorations into your creativity through sacred art.







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