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“Above all, cultivate the habit of meditation.  This is the inner switch you turn on to connect yourself with the Infinite.”~ Paramhansa Yogananda

Meditation is the heart of our practice at Ananda.  We offer meditation daily. Some meditations are at the end of a Yoga Class, and others are separate programs.  Meditations are guided. No previous experience with meditation is necessary.   See full Meditation Schedule here

                      What is Ananda?  …We are a Spiritual Community based on the Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda

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Weekend Retreat, April 24-26, Madison, CT: Finding Joy in Challenging Times led by Nayaswamis Pranaba and Parvati. Tools and principles from the yogic tradition can help you manage your emotional state through difficult times. Learn how to align yourself with beneficial influences and identify and release harmful behavioral patterns while embracing new, healthy habits. For more information and to register please click here.

2020 Celebration!  

Join us as we commemorate the100th anniversary of Yogananda’s arrival in Boston and the beginning of his mission to teach yoga in the West. For more information and to register please click here 


Exploring Discipleship Together Class, 1st Sunday – February 5th 

EXPLORING DISCIPLESHIP TOGETHER – Come join us for this new class in Discipleship Education: How to Live as a Disciple. Each month we will explore a new topic, such as Attunement with the guru, What it means to be in a Community of Gurubais, and On-going Education in Yogic Philosophy and Practices. This course is open to all, and all current disciples (old and new) are encouraged to attend.  Learn More 

Healing Prayer Circle, 2nd Sunday, but for February it is on the 3rd Sunday – February 16th

HEALING PRAYER CIRCLE– We use the Divine Will Healing techniques taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.  Guided Prayers, Affirmations, Visualizations and other healing techniques – helps in opening the hearts and minds of all who participate and bring many blessings to those who receive.  Everyone is welcome!Please note, our usual Healing Prayer Circle is on the 2nd Sunday of the month.  However, in June and July it will be the first Sunday.  Learn More

Kirtan – Last Saturday – February 29

KIRTAN CHANTING opens the heart and fills us with much Joy! If you’ve been to Kirtan, you know that already.  If you haven’t been…join us the last Saturday of the month 6pm-7:15pm   Learn More


                              OUR WEEKLY EVENTS

Monday  Evening Meditation

Guided Meditation with Pasqualina – 5:10-6pm -Beginners and Experienced – all are welcome! Learn More

Autobiography of a Yogi Book Club

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda is not an ordinary book. It is a spiritual treasure. To read its message of hope to all truth-seekers is to begin a great adventure. Weekly meeting, Mondays 6-7:15pm   Learn More

At Ananda RI, our RAJA YOGA CLASS SERIES is underway!

The Art and Science of Raja Yoga is a vast treasure trove of spiritual teachings. Start off the New Decade  with a deeper exploration of the yogic lifestyle!  Our Raja Yoga Class Series covers everything from the Philosophy of Yoga to Daily Routines including Diet and Healing. Each class session begins with an hour-long yoga postures class, so you will be relaxed and refreshed.
Start the New Year off in this wonderful way!

The Art And Science of Raja Yoga which contains fourteen lessons in which the original yoga science emerges in all its glory–a proven system for realizing one’s spiritual destiny! This gives us the most complete approach on  raja yoga , which is also known as the “royal” yoga.  Swami’s book provides us with a profound and intimate understanding of how to apply these age-old teachings, on a practical, as well as spiritual, day-to-day level in this modern age There is a vast wealth of knowledge waiting for us  in The Art And Science of Raja Yoga – a treasure to be cherished both by the curious and the serious student of the teachings of yoga.

 12 Weeks / January 11th through March 28,th  Saturdays 9am – noon

Cost $200 for series – Book $16.05  To Register: email: AnandaRhodeIsland@gmail.com or call: 401-524-4766

Read Autobiography of A Yogi for Free

Autobiography of a Yogi has touched the hearts of millions of seekers throughout the world. The techniques and ideas you will learn at Ananda are inspired by this remarkable book and the non-sectarian teachings of its author, Paramhansa Yogananda.

Read the first-hand account of the life experiences of Paramhansa Yogananda, a spiritual master.  This book has sold millions of copies and is beloved around the world by those interested in yoga and spirituality. READ ONLINE FOR FREE at  GoYogananda.com

Ananda Rhode Island is the Main Teaching Center on the US East Coast

and the only Ananda Church on the US East Coast.  

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