Most of our teachers are longtime disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda with a deep commitment to sharing the teachings of Self-Realization.

Sam Borschuk  (YTT-200)

Sam is a recent Graduate from Ananda Sangha CA,  Level 1/200hr YTT certification program. He is a mixed media artist and interested in the mind/body/spirit connection yoga helps us achieve. Sam has found yoga to be an invaluable resource for overcoming obstacles, benefiting mental and physical health, as well as fostering growth and balance in all aspects of life. Sam hopes to share with his students, his love of yoga as well as the joy and benefits it has brought him through teaching.

Kelly Doyle (YTT-200/LCMHC)

Kelly is a certified Meditation Teacher, Kriyaban, recent graduate of the Pranothan School of Yoga and has completed the Ananda School of Yoga Bridge Program. She is a Spiritual Counselor who includes scientific healing techniques in her practice. Kelly has been a devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda since 2001 and shares the teachings of Self-Realization with her students and clients.

Jane Green

Jane is a Devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda since 2000 and a Kriyaban since 2002. In 2013 Jane received her Ananda Meditation Teacher Training Certificate and has been hosting a weekly Meditation group at the Langworthy Public Library where she works, in Hope Valley, RI.


Kitty Hanson (RYT 500)

Kitty began taking yoga classes in 2001. Since her first class, she is always reminded of the benefits yoga provides for body, mind and spirit. Her background is based in Ashtanga, however she has participated in many styles of yoga over the years, which led her to Ananda yoga.

Kitty is grateful for her teachers, who inspired her to continue with her practice. Through regular practice of postures (asanas) with the breath (pranayama), she has experienced the space created within the body and mind and the freedom from the constrictions, which can lead to health-related problems.

Pam Harrington

Pam Offers over 10 years of experience leading Vinyasa flow classes with a  BFA in dance from a Adelphi University and yoga certification from Yoga Fit. She is committed to continuous growth and attends several workshops each year.

 Pam’s class will help you deepen your asana practice with continuous yoga flow emphasizing transitioning slowly in and out of essential postures. Experience energetic sequences that are designed to cleanse and support all of your body systems giving you a well rounded work out that will awaken your physical and mental strength.

Pasqualina Luzzi (RYT -200)

Pasqualina is a Kriyaban, and became certified as an Ananda Meditation teacher in 2018. Pasqualina’s life long interest in meditation and spirituality combined with her career as a professional teacher, spanning the arc from college to kindergarten, makes her uniquely suited to teach meditation to others.

“The soul loves to meditate,” said Paramhansa Yogananda, and Pasqualina could not agree more!

Kyle McDonald (RYT-200/C-IAYT)

Kyle is a certified Yoga Therapist, Ananda Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Kriyaban. She has been a dedicated student of yoga since in 1991 when she began practicing asana in the Iyengar tradition as a way to find relief from scoliosis. Kyle’s love of the physical practice of yoga and its healing influence in her life inspired her exploration into the deeper teachings of yogic philosophy, leading her in 1997 to her guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. Kyle completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training in 2010 and an additional 500 hours of training in Ananda’s Yoga Therapy Program. Kyle’s classes are inspired by her attention to alignment of the physical body combined with awareness of the astral energy within the spine, creating integration and transformation of body, mind and spirit.

JiavannaJiavanna Skolnik (RYT-200)

Jiavanna’s yoga journey began in New York City over 25 years ago when she was advised by a chiropractor to explore yoga as a means of relieving stress and addressing spinal pain. Yoga was ‘love’ at first asana and within a few years she had taken Yoga Teacher Training and has been ‘training’ herself and others ever since. Yoga opened the door to Meditation, Chanting and the opportunity to help others explore their spirituality. Jiavanna is a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 certified Yoga Teacher, and a certified Ananda Meditation Teacher, Levels 1 & 2. She particularly enjoys working with beginners, seniors and those who want a gentle pace to explore their energy and spirituality.

As an Ananda Minister she joyfully serves through Spiritual Counseling, friendship, teaching, Kriya preparation classes and the performance of sacred ceremonies such as Baptisms, Marriage, Funerals, House Blessings. She is a Brahmacharini in the Nayaswami Order.