Meditation is one of the most natural and rewarding of all human activities.  It is a state in which the body is relaxed, the mind is focused, and the heart is open.  In the quietness of calm inner listening, it gives direct, intuitive experience of higher realities.

Curious about Meditation?

Wondering if it’s for you?

Join us for Ananda’s unique Introduction to Meditation Class which includes a fascinating talk by Swami Kriyananda on DVD, followed by a Q&A session with one of our instructors, and basic information on how to meditate. Learn a simple meditation technique for calmness, peace and joy!

This hour and a half  Introduction to Meditation Class is offered monthly at the Ananda Center in Hopkinton, usually on a Saturday morning.  Please check our calendar for dates and times.

OUR NEXT CLASS is :  Saturday – November 14- 10:30-Noon

Classes are free of charge.  However, donations are appreciated.

ANANDA CENTER – 40 Collins Rd – Hopkinton, RI

If you would like to schedule a class in your area, please contact us at 401-524-4766.


If you would like to  come to the Introduction to Meditation Class, we request that you make a reservation with us below (please type “Curious about Meditation” in the remarks box) or, you may register by calling us at 401-524-4766.  We look forward to serving you.

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meditateJOY OF MEDITATION WORKSHOPS include instruction in: practices of deep breathing, relaxation, visualization, affirmations, chanting, energy exercises and Paramhansa Yogananda’s powerful  meditation technique of Hong Sau.

Workshops are posted on this website, and to arrange a workshop in your area, please call 401-524-4766

Practical aspects of meditation are also covered, such as: 

~Importance of the meditation posture

~when, where and how long to meditate,

~how to set up a meditation space,

~dealing with physical hindrances

~calming the restless mind

~how to start your own home meditation practice.