According to India’s ancient sages, the key to spiritual awakening is located in the very center of our own being, in the astral spine and chakras (the body’s seven subtle energy centers).

By learning to channel our internal energy through the chakra system, we can release unproductive attitudes, tendencies and habits accumulated over our current and past lifetimes.

Through the yogic practices of chanting pranayama (breathing techniques) meditation and contemplation and the use of sacred (bija mantras) and colors which correspond to each chakra, we will begin to unlock, balance and guide the energy contained in these sacred centers leading to spiritual transformation and higher consciousness.

3 class series – Saturdays

October 27 – November 3 – November 10

10:30 am – Noon  –  Chakras Class

9:00 am optional Yoga Class – no additional charge

10:10 am – short break

Please bring a journal or notebook.

Fee for the class series – $75

Our Teacher for this Series...

Kyle McDonald (RYT-200/C-IAYT)
Certified Yoga Therapist, Ananda Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Kyle’s classes are inspired by her attention to alignment of the physical body combined with awareness of the astral energy within the spine, creating integration and transformation of body, mind and spirit.