How to Make Stress Work for You

with Kyle McDonald,
       Cecilia and Vivek Sharma,
       Nayaswami Pranaba and
       Nayaswami Gyandev
Friday, April 24th-Sunday, April 26th, 2020

The weekend will begin on Friday evening with meditation, healing prayers, and Yoga
Nidra led by Ananda minister Kyle McDonald. Then on Saturday morning there will be a healing satsang which will include a rich experiential healing session. Cecilia and Vivek
will share as much as possible of Master’s healing rays as helpful uplifting liberating tools for this historic time both of challenge and extraordinary opportunity for transition to a higher level of consciousness.

The workshops on Saturday and Sunday afternoons are designed to train you to remain calm, energetic, and productive no matter what challenges you face.  You’ll gain a variety
of practical, easy-to-use yogic techniques and strategies that will help you combat stress and enhance your sense of well-being. This retreat combines cutting-edge research on stress management with the time-tested teachings of yoga, as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi.

Develop an inner center of unshakable calmness
Discover how to keep joy and calmness always within your reach, independent of outer circumstances.

Turn stress to your advantage
Learn to transform stress from an obstacle into an opportunity for growth,
learning, and creativity.

Overcome worry, anxiety, and fear
Make your mind and body strong allies to overcome habitual negative reactions to stress, and develop positive new patterns for thriving.

Stand strong amidst life’s challenges
Receive tools that strengthen you on all levels: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Keep stress from interfering with sleep
Simple practices to relax into a refreshing sleep.

Learn techniques for busting stress in-the-moment
Feeling stressed before or during an important engagement? Get a toolkit of techniques to feel calm and confident right away.

Stop stress before it begins
Learn a classical technique of meditation—the ultimate tool for stress management.

Use Food to reduce stress
Learn simple dietary practices that can make a world of difference

Cecilia and Vivek Sharma are both disciples of Yogananda and kriyabans as well as students of the teachings of Swami Kriyananda. They have extensive experience with a number of holistic therapies, including Yogananda’s healing techniques. Cecilia and Vivek founded the Healing Sangha of Ananda India, Ananda Moscow Russia and Ananda Singapore. They have trained teachers in Yogananda’s Healing Techniques in India, including the Staff of the Paramhansa Yogananda Charitable Trust in Vrindavan, India. They also conduct weekly “Meditation and Healing“ programs in Italian prisons.

Nayaswami Gyandev combines a fun-loving spirit, keen insight into the spiritual life, and genuine warmth, making the inner quest seem both natural and doable. Since 1983 he has taught Ananda Yoga to thousands of students and trained hundreds of teachers around the world, often forging deep and lasting bonds of friendship and inspiration.  Gyandev’s devotion to sharing wisdom shows through the many resources he develops —online newspapers and forums, videos, and new courses— to help students deepen their experience of yoga, and give teachers more tools and insights for their own classes.


Nayaswami Pranaba helped to create and direct Ananda centers in Palo Alto, Portland, Seattle, Dallas, and Assisi, Italy. Together with his wife, Nayaswami Parvati, they have been sharing Yogananda’s teachings for almost 60 years. Pranaba is currently manager of Ananda Sangha Worldwide, Ananda’s outreach ministry. An excellent teacher, he is known for his unfailing kindness and gentle approach.