Many people will agree that learning to meditate is not that difficult.  However, keeping a meditation practice going can be quite challenging.  Knowing a meditation technique and actually practicing it, allowing one to take it deeper within are often two different things.

Our monthly Meditation Clinic is here to help and motivate you in sustaining a regular meditation practice, and enjoying longer,  deeper meditations.  We invite you to join us – come with your meditation questions and problems.  Together let’s explore answers and solutions, clarify misunderstandings, learn nuances which may help you to feel more comfortable and inspired in your meditations.

Learn or re-visit chanting, techniques, pranayams (breathing practices), posture, how to set up a routine, physical aids and more.  We’ll end our session by meditating together.

Meditation Clinic:  Please contact us to find a date & time that suits your schedule.

Please check our calendar monthly, as dates may need to be changed from time to time.

Come to the clinic whenever and as often as you wish. Contact us for more information.

Don’t know how to meditate?  Join us for a Joy of Meditation – Learn To Meditate Workshop