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Monthly Prayer Circle for World Peace


Our world has an ongoing need for healing prayers, whether it be for war, famine, civil unrest or the environment. This will not change until we live in harmony with God and each other.

We start with a prayer to the Divine Presence to bless, guide and protect our healing prayer session.

We pray for the planet, primarily focusing on increasing the light, by praying for those who are uplifting humanity in some way. The souls who are trying to do good will be most receptive to the vibrations of healing, and they will be strengthened by the prayers.

We pray for those who are in areas of war, disease and other stresses.

We pray for world leaders, peoples, animals and all of nature.

Join us for an hour of prayer, chanting, contemplation and meditation with the intention of sending the healing vibrations of peace throughout the world. 


Donation appreciated