September 1st

YOU can Help us Open the Doors

Dear Friends,

We have been very blessed and feel deep gratitude to those of you who have contributed to the renovations needed for our church building at 714 Ten Rod Road in Wickford!

By phone, email and in person, the most asked question at Ananda RI has been “when is the new church going to open? At first we thought we would be open by June 1st, then July 1st – but now it looks more like mid to late July or early August.

Perhaps you’re asking yourself ‘what’s taking so long?’ EX - 4

Well, anyone who has ever purchased or worked on an older building knows that there are always aspects to be upgraded, changes to be made, and things to be added. Some of the things done already (and/or in progress) are: insulation in the crawl space and ceiling, renovation of two bathrooms, materials to build the altar, stripping and refinishing the wooden floors, creation of a pseudo kitchen in the back room with a sink, refrigerator and multiples cabinets, exterior painting and landscaping.


Altar Wall - 2 Progress2

We are very grateful for the donations made to date. They have helped pay the contractor and his staff, the electrician, an exterminator, and enabled us to establish a line of credit with Home Depot to purchase materials, fixtures, cabinets and refrigerator!

Main Room


So, how can you HELP US to move closer to completion and


Once again, we have a couple of people who are so dedicated to this project for the Masters, that they will match funds up to $2,500. This means that whatever you donate will be doubled…so that your $50 donation becomes $100…actually, whatever your donation, large or small it will be doubled! Please donate what you can today, and help us OPEN THE DOORS!

We're getting there!There are a few more projects to complete; floor refinishing, installing kitchen cabinets, completing entrance room, coat and shoe area, installing a beautiful interior door, exterior  painting…

DONATIONS are needed and GREATLY APPRECIATED to complete the renovations!

Roy & Kyle Entry RoomTo donate by check:  Please make out the check to Ananda RI, with ‘Open The Doors’ on the memo line, and mail check to:

Ananda RI – PO Box 353 – W. Kingston. RI 02892

To donate by credit card, please click below – it will take you to Paypal:

Roy at work

If you are using PayPal, please include your email and regular addresses, and also “Open the Doors”.  This will help us in sending a receipt for your donation.         Thank You!