We started 2017 with the incredible blessing of finding a church building for sale just outside of Historic Wickford Village, in North Kingstown, RI.  Centrally located in the state, the church is easily accessible from all directions and close to public transportation.

1-For Sale

By the grace of God and Gurus we found investors to carry a mortgage, and on Wednesday, March 15th we purchased this precious building in which to share the teachings of Self-Realization.  We are grateful to those who generously contributed funds to help make this purchase possible.

This 200 year old church contains vibrations of deep peace, love, and devotion to God…a fitting home for Ananda and all of our friends who want to expand and deepen their spiritual life.

Interior 1

Our task now is to invite into this space the vibrations of Ananda and our line of Gurus. We have already meditated and chanted there during the purchasing process.  Now it is time to transform the space in preparation for Meditation, Yoga Classes, Sunday Service, and sharing the teachings of Self-Realization through Workshops and Courses on Raja Yoga, Meditation, Preparation for Kriya Yoga and other programs on spiritual living.

Prayers for guidance are being offered daily. Presently the rugs are being pulled out. Unneeded fixtures and leftover items are being removed.  Negotiations are in progress with contractors to paint inside and out; refurbish the wood floors; insulate; make some needed adjustments in the bathrooms; create an Ananda altar and more…

We hope to be able to open the doors by late Spring. To do this, we need your help!

Thank you for helping us purchase the church.

NOW help us to OPEN the doors!

Funds  are urgently needed

to renovate and rehabilitate the 167 year old church into the new

Ananda Meditation & Yoga Center

Please consider making a tax deductible  donation of any amount today.  No donation is too small – every donation will help us open the doors!

Donation by mail, please make your check out to:

Ananda Church RI – P.O. Box 353 – W. Kingston, RI 02892

Donation by credit card online, please click below – it will take you to Paypal


Meanwhile, we are continuing to share the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda through our programs at Ananda Hopkinton & Meditation Groups throughout the state.  Check our current offerings on the Calendar

Watch our progress….

inside 4Red rug to bare floor          Floor 1

Crack in ceiling turned out to be a bit more major than expected

Ceiling 2Ceiling 1