You are invited to join us in our new Raja Yoga course.* 

 Swami Kriyananda’s book, The Art and Science of RAJA YOGA: 14 Steps to Higher Awareness, is like seven books in one.  It is divided into 14 chapters, each containing a section on: Philosophy, Yoga Postures, Breathing, Routine, Healing, Diet and Meditation.  One could choose a section and go through the book reading that section in each chapter (or Step) and have read a ‘book’ on that topic.  We are truly blessed to have such an extensive, rich resource on Raja Yoga.

 Not only is this book a comprehensive treatise on Raja Yoga….it is also Part II of the Ananda Course in Self-realization…preparatory study for those seeking initiation into Kriya Yoga through Ananda.  We encourage you to read this book…which you can do on your own…or…you can join us and we’ll read, EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE  and ENJOY  it together!

The Raja Yoga book is available at our boutique for $30 (discounted to $25 if you attend one of the workshops)

Our group will meet monthly on a Saturday afternoon 1-4pm. The main focus will be on Philosophy, Yoga Postures, Breathing and Meditation

As much as possible we will practice together the various suggestions or exercises that Swami gives in these sections so that we have experiential as well as mental exposure to the teachings.

 From time to time we will offer an additional ‘mini’ workshop 1-1/2 -2hrs going into more depth in various topics, and also addressing Healing, Diet, Routines or practical application of the teachings. 

Whether you can come regularly or sporadically, we’d love to have you join us!  If you would like to receive notices about these workshops, please email Jiavanna at , and we’ll sen you a monthly email letting you know what the reading is for the next meeting.  Say ‘yes’…joining us in spirit or in person.

To those who have taken this course before…JOIN US AGAIN!  Take advantage of this opportunity to revisit the teachings, dive deeper, share your insights with the newcomers.

 Our next meeting is on Saturday Janurary 19TH  – 1-4PM 

Drop-in fee $20 suggested donation

In Master’s JOY!